Deluxe series

« Deluxe Serie » Concept

In each of his collections, the artist creates a masterpiece, representative of the collection, called « Deluxe ». The Deluxe series brings together all the major artworks of each collection, such as « No Prostitution Here Deluxe » or « No Topless Here Deluxe ».
The deluxe works are particularly appreciated by luxury establishments such as restaurants or nightclubs, but also by the artist’s collectors who make these works part of the artist’s best-sellers.


Goddess of Happiness

Goddess of Happiness

his photograph represents the Goddess of Happiness, in a staging inspired by Hindu divinities.

Welcome on board DELUXE

Welcome on Board Deluxe Edition

Deluxe version of the work Welcome on Board. This very special photography brings together the 3 previous versions of the Welcome on Board series

Beauté Sauvage Deluxe

Beauté Sauvage Deluxe

Beauté Sauvage Deluxe is an emblematic work of the "Beauté Sauvage" collection, highlighting the woman revealing herself


No prostitution here Geisha

This Japanese icon who maintains a narrow and complex relationship with prostitution is staged with the emblematic chastity panties

No Cocaine Here Deluxe

No cocaine here deluxe

Here is the deluxe artwork from the Art vs Drugs serie. Philippe Shangti fine art photography. Artwork photo

No Loser Here

No loser here

Inspired from the famous "Golden Ball" which rewards the best soccer player, this work blows the whistle on the luxury outrageousness under the price of a sport performance. 

No prostitution here Deluxe

No prostitution here Deluxe

Subtly denounces prostitution in a class way. The artist plays on the ambiguity : we do not know if the model is opening or closing the padlock on prohibition.

No loser here deluxe

No loser here deluxe

Inspired from the famous "Golden Ball", which rewards the best soccer player, this work blows the whistle on the luxury outrageousness

No cocaine here oriental

No cocaine here oriental

This work completes the Art vs drugs series in a «deluxe» version. Declension of the main work of this series;