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Wise women


Happiness is back

“Happiness is back” Concept

Philippe Shangti is delighted to present you his new collection 2021 named HAPPINESS IS BACK.

After this year 2020 very difficult, the artist Philippe Shangti felt the need to create artworks that can give us hope. Our daily habits have been turned upside down and we have to come back to what we all need so much : conviviality, craziness, spontaneity, party, laughter, joy and so many other ingredients of life that bring us all towards the ultimate goal : Happiness.


Happy Comme Baker

Happy Comme Baker

The photographic artwork "Happy Comme Baker", pays tribute to the artist Josephine Baker, icon of the French and American cabaret

Live your fucking best life

Live your F**king Best Life

The artist Philippe Shangti conveys through this Tag, in his own provocative way, the message to live life to the fullest.

Fuck Who Doesn't Like My Happiness

F**k Who Doesn’t Like My Happiness

Tag artwork from the Happiness is Back collection, the artist Philippe Shangti emphasizes here in his own way that we should not take into account the envy and jealousy, that happiness can sometimes cause.

Don't give a fuck Just Smile TAG 2021

Don’t Give a F**k Just Smile

Tag artwork from the Happiness is Back collection, the artist Philippe Shangti emphasizes here in his own way that we should not take into account the envy and jealousy, that happiness can sometimes cause.

First drink after lockdown

First drink after lockdown

The artist imagines though this photography, the state in which we would be after having found our freedom back. The model, appearing to be drunk, represents an overdose of joy, of luxury, in order to have wanted to recover the lost time.

Three Goddesses

Three Goddesses

This work by Philippe Shangti is reminiscent of the Greek-Roman representation of the Three Graces, later painted by Raphael. Here, for the artist, they are simply the goddesses of happiness.

Luxury Crazy Last Drink

Luxury Crazy Last Drink

The artist stages in this photograph, these models installed in a fancy bar, enjoying the last moments of excess before the confinement. They release their desire as if it were for the last time.

Luxury Last Drink

Luxury Last Drink

A different version of the Luxury Crazy Last Drink photography, the artist here imagines a last moment spent in a bar, in which the models let their bodies and impulses appear subtly, in order to celebrate the last party before the confinement. 

Happiness World

Happiness World

Leaving behind them the vices and superficial elements of our current society, to enter into the Happiness World. 

Wises Women

Wise Women

The artist represents in this surprising photography, the 4 wise women.

No Virus Here

No Virus Here

Through this artwork, in a style of setting specific to the artist, Philippe Shangti imagines a world in which we would not want to detach ourselves


Simplicity is Luxe

The artist conveys through this photographic artwork, the strong message that we need to change our mentalities in order to no longer consider luxury

Luxury Destroy Kiss

Luxury Destroy Kiss

The artist stages through this photographic artwork, these models being exalted by the luxurious beauty products and waiting for their first kiss since a long time.

Luxury destroy makeup

Luxury destroy makeup

Through this photographic artwork, named Luxury Destroy Makeup, the artist stages a situation that he makes fun of by imagining the craziness of being able to prepare to go out again.

Full Pulsion

Full pulsion

Representation of a scene of happiness and liberation of impulses, in the manner of Philippe Shangti. Contemporary artist and fine art photographer.


Luxury Mountain Dinner

This fine art photography realized by the contemporary artist Philippe Shangti, is the "winter" version of his famous work Luxury Dinner.


Luxury Happiness Dinner

Luxury Happiness Dinner, from the new collection Happiness is Back. New version of the famous work Luxury Dinner


Happiness Smile

The artist Philippe Shangti represents Happiness through this bright smile, while reminding us of the true fundamentals of life

Goddess of Happiness

Goddess of Happiness

his photograph represents the Goddess of Happiness, in a staging inspired by Hindu divinities.

Welcome on board DELUXE

Welcome on Board Deluxe Edition

Deluxe version of the work Welcome on Board. This very special photography brings together the 3 previous versions of the Welcome on Board series