Levitation Tree


This artwork embodies the vegetal remains resulting from a post-apocalyptic past of a world devastated by pollution. Stripped of leaves and life, uprooted, it seems doomed to wander, floating in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen, like a soul lost in chaos.

The artist’s imagination tells us how the last rare specimens of dead trees have been collected by the surviving humans from the scourge of pollution, who keep them connected to the earth with coloured ropes. This practice, stimulated by the desire to recreate, in spite of everything, the natural landscapes of yesteryear, also prevents these last vegetal envelopes from being definitively absorbed by space.

They have taken great care to cover them with beautiful coloured or chrome coatings to give these beings majestic semblance, to honour what has been a source of colour and life. These coatings also aim to crystallize definitively what remains of these inanimate organisms, to preserve them, making them forever eternal, like witnesses of a bygone life.

These sculptures are strong in contrast because of their fragility and their striking symbolism. They represent a projection of a chaos in the making if nothing is put in place to counter the damage caused, each day a little more, by pollution.