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One of his major photograph, the famous Luxury Dinner.
This artwork, originally created for the collection called «Luxury Overdose» (2015), represents a dinner party, whose protagonists exalt at the sight of the luxurious products offered to them, consuming them madly in an extravagant and whimsical way.
Different versions of this artwork were then created by the artist throughout his career, bringing together the same codes : luxury, glamour and eroticism.
The interest for these photographs is so important, that different brands and celebrities wanted their own Luxury Dinner created by the artist.
This section gathers all the versions of Luxury Dinner, from the first one realized by the artist, to the last one in 2023.

Luxury Fruits Dinner

Luxury Fruits Dinner

Luxury Fruits Dinner The artist Philippe Shangti gives homage through

Sweet Luxury Dinner

Sweet Luxury Dinner

Special version of the famous Luxury Dinner by the artist Philippe Shangti. This dinner, different from the usual staging, is visually sweeter


Luxury Fourth Dinner

New version of the famous Luxury Dinner of the artist Philippe Shangti, which reproduces his famous table filled with luxury products

Luxury Italien Dinner thumbnail

Luxury Italian Dinner

The contemporary artist Philippe Shangti represents through this very special photographic artwork, an intense awakening of the senses of these models, enjoying an Italian-style dinner.


Luxury Mountain Dinner

This fine art photography realized by the contemporary artist Philippe Shangti, is the "winter" version of his famous work Luxury Dinner.

Luxury Happiness Dinner thumbnail

Luxury Happiness Dinner

Luxury Happiness Dinner, from the new collection Happiness is Back. New version of the famous work Luxury Dinner

luxury Playboy Dinner thumbnail

Luxury Playboy Dinner

Tribute to the famous Playboy magazine, a star in the promotion of women's beauty, often provocative, just like the works of the artist Philippe Shangti.

luxury Playboy Dinner black edition thumbnail

Luxury Playboy Dinner Black Edition

Tribute to the famous Playboy magazine, a star in the promotion of women's beauty, often provocative, just like the works of the artist Philippe Shangti.

Luxury Vegan Dinner thumbnail

Luxury Vegan Dinner

Luxury Vegan Dinner. Vegan version of the famous dinner's scenes imagined by the artist. Collection. No Animal Killer Here

Remember Luxury Dinner

Remember Luxury Dinner

This artwork is a tribute to the previous version of the "Luxury Dinner" which was so successful.

Luxury Topless Dinner

Luxury Topless Dinner

The artwork Luxury Dinner, that sits in the background of the scene plunges us back into our memories.

Luxury dinner

Luxury dinner

Through this new series Shangti Philippe takes us once again in a totally delusional and supernatural universe. The theme this time is The Luxury Overdose.

Luxury Overdose Dinner

Luxury overdose dinner

This work is in continuation of the work Luxury Dinner. Here the body itself takes its course on abuse of avarice. Man is victim of an overdose of wealth.