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Luxury pollution car – Miniature

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Find miniature editions of the famous artworks of the  artist

The famous french fine art photographer Philippe Shangti’s official online shop allows you to purchase limited and numbered editions of his emblematic images, including this print, Luxury Pollution Car, from the series No Pollution Here.

In stock

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Luxury pollution car from the collection No pollution here

Through the countless fine art photography series and other works of art he has produced over the past few years, Philippe Shangti denounces certain excesses of our 21st century world by standing for his beliefs and projecting them without a moralizing tone. This is a considerable feat that is made possible thanks to his easy-to-grasp pop culture inspired world in which glamour and color are implemented with masterful precision.

A superb miniature reproduction of Philippe Shangti’s fine art photography prints

Format: plexiglass frame (18 in x 9 in x 1 in / 46 cm x 23 cm x 2,5 cm). 200 limited edition

This numbered edition of Luxury Pollution Car is printed on a 3-dimensional plexiglass frame (18 in x 9 in x 1 in / 46 cm x 23 cm x 2,5 cm). This photograph is reproduced using an innovative archival printing technique that guarantees that the image will not degrade over time. A UV blocking filter is integrated into the plexiglass to keep this fine art photography print’s vibrant colors from fading over time.

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