NFT was voted last year, word of the year, and it’s not a coincidence. In 2021 art has made a turnover aroud NFT or Non Fungible Token with a global market of 3000€ millions in 2021.Philippe Shangti will present us the ShangtiCards with a drop of 777 editions of superheroes cards, coming from famous artworks of the artist.

«This project is to enter the game of art in NFT and in futur metaverses» This is the first time, but we are very excited about showing our collection cards. Coming from fine art photography, we are sure that our collections will have a very high success. «Collectors are waiting for us, we know that, and the expectation is high»
The NFT market is growing very quickly, the art ecosystem has adopted early this new form of art. From young people to classic art collectors it’s becoming a huge change in the way we see art.

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We will annouce very soon, when and where we will publish the first NFT collection of Philippe Shangti.

The Editions

The first collection will be one the famous artwork of the artist, Batman vs drugs. A disruptive image, calling superherores against drugs. Art vs Drugs is a collection from 2013. This bestseller artwork now can be yours in NFT format.

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