Tag If You Want To Stay Here Make Topless

If you want to stay here make topless

Collection 2018
Calligraphy made by the artist’s hand in a very quirky style as if it were a real street tag. A touch of humor for women who like challenges. For the more playful, you will find a real hook coming out of the artworks to collect the abandoned bras..

Printed on a glossy paper with Plexiglas (front) and alu Dibond (back)
Limited and numbered artworks, signed by the artist.


90 x 90 cm  7 pieces
35.4 x 35.4 in  7 pieces
114 x 120 cm  7 pieces
44.9 x 47.2 in  7 pieces
150 x 150 cm  7 pieces
59 x 59 in  7 pieces

Making of

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