Creative Process

Philippe Shangti, a renowned contemporary artist known for his bold and provocative photography, has a unique and meticulous creative process distinguished by several key steps. This process perfectly illustrates how the initial idea of a work can transform into a complete and complex art piece. Here’s a detailed overview of these steps, from conception to the final realization of his works.

Concept and Storyboards

Everything starts with Shangti’s original idea, which takes shape through hand-drawn storyboards. This stage is crucial as it allows the artist to visualize and structure his vision before the shoot. The storyboards act as a roadmap for the entire creative process, detailing compositions, poses, expressions, and key elements to be included in the final photograph.

Preparation of Props and Costumes

Once the storyboards are finalized, an intensive preparation phase begins. Shangti’s assistants play an essential role at this stage, working tirelessly to create and assemble the necessary props and costumes. Every detail is significant as it contributes to the visual richness and the message of the work. This phase requires meticulous attention and overflowing creativity since the elements to be created are often out of the ordinary and specific to Shangti’s artistic vision.

Casting of Models

Alongside the preparation of costumes and props, the casting of models is conducted. Choosing the right people to embody the characters in his works is a crucial aspect of the process. The models must not only visually match Shangti’s idea of his characters but also be able to express the emotions and attitudes sought by the artist.

The Shooting

The culmination of the creative process is the photo shoot itself. Requiring a full day of work, this step mobilizes all the efforts and preparations of the preceding weeks. Models are made up and dressed in the early part of the day, setting the scene for the afternoon shoot. Under Shangti’s precise direction, each shot aims to capture the essence of his artistic vision, with all the props and costumes carefully prepared. This phase is both intense and exhilarating, as it brings the artist’s imagination to life in the real setting of the studio.

This process, from conception to execution, is a testament to Philippe Shangti’s commitment to artistic excellence and originality. Each step reflects a dedication to creating works that not only captivate visually but also carry a critical reflection on societal issues. By meticulously combining art, fashion, and message, Shangti continues to push the boundaries of contemporary photography.