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Philippe Shangti: The Alchemy of Bronze and Photography

Dive into the fascinating sculptural universe of Philippe Shangti, where the solidity of bronze conveys the timelessness of his artistic work. Each sculpture is a celebration of Shangti’s career, bridging his photographic beginnings with his current mastery of bronze.

Shangti’s sculptures, exclusively in mirror-polished bronze, embody his commitment to excellence and originality. Limited to only 7 copies per size, with a maximum of three sizes per model, these works are jewels of rarity and distinction.

The creative process begins in Shangti’s workshops, where the original molds are designed. After casting, the bronze is meticulously polished over weeks, culminating in a mirror finish. This process is a metaphor for the transformation from idea to materiality, a journey Shangti himself has navigated in his artistic career.

The sculptures vary in size, from smaller models of 66 cm to imposing 3-meter sculptures, offering a diversity of perspectives and visual impacts. From Lens to Sculpture: The Dialogue Between Past and Present

Each piece bears the unmistakable mark of Shangti: engraved, signed, and numbered by the artist himself. This personal connection between Shangti and his creations underscores the transition from photographic imagery to the three-dimensionality of bronze.

Shangti’s sculptures are living tributes to his most iconic photographic works. « No Cocaine Here », the artist’s first photographic work that established Shangti as a staple name in contemporary art, is magnified in bronze, capturing the essence of the original while giving it a new dimension. Similarly, « Joker Vs Drugs » from his « Art Vs Drugs » collection is reinterpreted in sculptural form, creating an ongoing dialogue between his artistic mediums.

Philippe Shangti’s bronze sculptures are not mere replicas of his photographs; they are living entities that breathe the essence of his artistic journey. They represent a dialogue between two worlds, inviting viewers to explore the depths of Shangti’s creativity, where every detail is a story, every reflection an emotion.