Tags from the contemporary artist Philippe Shangti. Provocative messages transformed into artwors by the fine art photographer sight.

If you don’t think I’m the boss get out

I’m f**king lazy and I piss you off

I like food and I don’t F**king care

I return all yours f**king bad thoughts

Don’t touch my Money and burn yours

Don’t forget to seduce me if you want sex

If you piss me I explose your fucking things

F**k who wants me to give up

Crush the balls who don’t respect me

Don’t Give a F**k Just Smile

F**k Who Doesn’t Like My Happiness

Live your F**king Best Life

Woman give me your power

Reserve protected of savage pussy

If you don’t like animals get out

Lost and found

If you want to stay here make topless

Deposit your trash

Fuel me up

No prostitution here

You can pay me with

Enjoy Your F**king Dinner

F**k Who Doesn’t Like This Place

I’m Rich But Not Stupid