Luxury Pollution Car

No pollution here


Pollution has reached its peak but the world of luxury does not seem to be concerned by this scourge, especially regarding business, entertainment, pleasure and thrills. Thus, blinkers remain the essential accessory of these luxury enthusiasts. Regardless of the consequences, we must always create more cars to satisfy the desires and whims of this big bourgeoisie.


No pollution here


Printed on a glossy paper with Plexiglas (front) and alu Dibond (back).

Limited and numbered artworks, signed by the artist.


57 x 135 cm

(53.9 x 22.4 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces

85 x 200 cm

(78.7 x 33.4 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces

127 x 300 cm

(118.1 x 50 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces