No pollution here Collection

“No pollution here” concept

It is with finesse, aesthetics and sensuality that the artist has created this series of works bearing a message that is particularly close to his heart: “No Pollution Here”. This atypical messenger draws attention to a cause of concern: our environment. This highly engaged new series highlights the urgency of the situation by opening a window to what our future could be if we don’t act quickly.
The artist thus plunges us into a post-apocalyptic universe, always with a glimmer of hope where we do not expect it. It deals with pollution under different aspects, some more sensitive than others such as the environment, oil, radioactivity, oxygen, life, degradations, the future, nature, the media, disinformation, money, power, luxury …



Fuel me up

Collection 2017 Summary Staging with strong

Pollution of my mind

Pollution of my mind

The pollution of the spirit of the human being is a real danger in our daily life. Motivated by a real need for technological progress

Fuel me up TAG

Fuel me up TAG

How far is the human being able to submit himself to be part of the "fashion sect" ? A petrol pump bearing the acronyms