No prostitution here

“No prostitution here” Concept

The artist seizes on a taboo and tries to lift the veil on the reality of prostitution.

Prostitution has existed since ancient times, when slaves and marginalized people sold their bodies. Contemporary society has wanted to eradicate it by various and varied laws, however it is still present. Thus, Philippe Shangti wants to denounce this scourge, not only through a modern and explicit vision, but also through a more delicate and implicit work such as “No Prostitution Here Geisha”.

Making of



No prostitution here ultimate

With glamour and sensuality as usual, this scene of suggested orgy is the vision of the artist about a brothel¹s backstage, spied through a keyhole. 

You can pay me with - TAG

You can pay me with

This tag highlights a modern shape of luxury prostitution : services in exchange for luxury goods.