Pussy Cat Gang Tuff

Pussycat Gang Tuff

Collection 2020

In this work, the artist shows a gang of conquering women, who assert their law and take back the control in a man’s world.
From these women emerges a determination that will lead them to break the codes and restore balance to this world.


Beauté Sauvage


Printed on a glossy paper with Plexiglas (front) and alu Dibond (back)
Limited and numbered artworks, signed by the artist.


150 x 73,5 cm 7 pieces
59 x 28.9 in 7 pieces
200 x 98 cm 7 pieces
78.7 x 38.6 in 7 pieces
300 x 147 cm 7 pieces
118.1 x 57.9 in 7 pieces

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