Shangti Da Vinci Fusion

No topless here


Philippe Shangti challenges space time with this anachronistic artistic fusion where are staging 4 women from famous portraits made by Leonardo da Vinci : « La Dame à l’hermine », « Marie-Madeleine », « Mona Lisa » and « La Belle Ferronnière »

These women, thus projected in our time, give life to the paintings by showing off their topless as a revenge on a past period when the liberty and the body of the woman were taboo.

The artist succeeds here a real artistic feat by merging his work with Da Vinci’s one while maintaining the artistic identity of each others.


No topless here


Printed on a glossy paper with Plexiglas (front) and alu Dibond (back).

Limited and numbered artworks, signed by the artist.


68,5 x 150 cm

(26,97 x 59,06 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces

92 x 200 cm

(36,22 x 78,74 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces

137 x 300 cm

(53,9 x 118,11 in)