The Power of Venus

Sensual Fight


The artist Philippe Shangti pays tribute to the famous painting of Sandro Botticelli « The Birth Of Venus », by adapting it in photography and in his own way. Venus, goddess of beauty, is the perfect representation of sensuality and feminine sweetness. Philippe Shangti uses the main protagonists of the original work, not hesitating to add other more « current » characters to remind us that these divine features of women are still just as admired today.


Sensual Fight


Printed on a glossy paper with Plexiglas (front) and alu Dibond (back).

Limited and numbered artworks, signed by the artist.


67,5 x 150 cm

( 26,57 x 59,06 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces

90 x 200 cm

(35,43 x 78,74 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces

135 x 300 cm

( 53,15 x 118,11 in)

limited edition of 7 pieces