Art vs drugs


"Art vs drugs" concept

In 2013, the artist created the series “Art Vs Drugs” in which he denounced the ravages of drugs by associating with the image of superheroes such as Superman or the famous Barbie doll.

Thanks to the zero-defect policy of these characters, the artist highlights the hypocrisy and denial of drug users. This is one of the iconic series that truly revealed the artist.


Joker Never Dies

Joker vs drugs

Spiderman vs drugs

Catwoman vs drugs

Batman vs drugs

Superman vs drugs

Hulk vs drugs

Dark vs drugs

Storm vs drugs

Wonderwoman vs drugs

Black Spiderman vs drugs

Captain America vs drugs

Barbie vs drugs

No coco here

No heroine here

Aston Martin pilote

Hulk vs Drugs Tag version

No cocaine here oriental

No cocaine here deluxe