Coco Victim


"Coco Victim" concept

The 2024 photography collection “Coco Victim” by artist Philippe Shangti delves into themes of dependency, excess, and social critique, using fashion and cocaine as powerful metaphors for addiction to appearances and luxury. This series stands out for its bold approach and refined aesthetics, questioning the impacts of excessive consumption. 

 Philippe Shangti’s work, known for its ability to blend provocative aesthetics with social messages, finds a particular resonance in “Coco Victim” akin to his exhibition “Art Vs Drugs” on the themes of addiction and excess made 15 years ago. 

 This continuity reflects the artist’s enduring interest in these issues and his desire to prompt the audience to question the ideals of perfection, often conveyed by contemporary society. “Coco Victim” thus emerges as a call to consciousness, highlighting the importance of looking beyond appearances to recognize and address the deep-seated issues related to our aspirations and behaviors.


Fashion Victim

Cocaine Exploded

Coco Brands Victim

Coco Chanel Victim

Coco Joker Victim

Coconut Exploded