Deluxe serie


"Deluxe serie" concept

In each of his collections, the artist creates a masterpiece, representative of the collection, called “Deluxe”. The Deluxe series brings together all the major artworks of each collection, such as “No Prostitution Here Deluxe” or “No Topless Here Deluxe”.
The deluxe works are particularly appreciated by luxury establishments such as restaurants or nightclubs, but also by the artist’s collectors who make these works part of the artist’s best-sellers.


No loser here

No loser here deluxe

No cocaine here oriental

No cocaine here deluxe

No prostitution here Geisha

No prostitution here Deluxe

No topless here deluxe

Goddess of Happiness

Welcome on Board Deluxe Edition

Beauté Sauvage Deluxe

No Animal Killer Here Deluxe

Goddess of Seven

Sensual Fight Deluxe