Happiness is back


"Happiness is back" concept

Philippe Shangti is delighted to present you his new collection 2021 named HAPPINESS IS BACK.

After this year 2020 very difficult, the artist Philippe Shangti felt the need to create artworks that can give us hope. Our daily habits have been turned upside down and we have to come back to what we all need so much : conviviality, craziness, spontaneity, party, laughter, joy and so many other ingredients of life that bring us all towards the ultimate goal : Happiness.


Happy Comme Baker

Luxury Crazy Last Drink

Luxury Last Drink

Happiness World

Wise Women

Luxury Destroy Kiss

Luxury destroy makeup

Luxury Italian Dinner

Hippies of our time

Full pulsion

Luxury Mountain Dinner

Luxury Happiness Dinner

First drink after lockdown

Three Goddesses

No Virus Here

Simplicity is Luxe

Explosed Smiles

Enjoy your f**king good life

Burn your money and stay happy

It’s time to be happy

Happiness Smile

Destroy your Luxe and Stay Happy

Goddess of Happiness

Welcome on Board Deluxe Edition

Live your F**king Best Life

F**k Who Doesn’t Like My Happiness

Don’t Give a F**k Just Smile