"Seven" concept

Since his beginnings, the artist Philippe Shangti has approached and highlighted in his own way the different aspects of the 7 deadly sins that we all know.
As an atypical messenger of modern times, he presents us this year a collection entitled “SEVEN” in which he takes up all the 7 sins in stagings as sensual as refined.

Interpreted in different fields throughout history, the deadly sins are a traditional classification of the vices of individuals. The concepts of these sins have evolved over time and have taken on new forms in today’s society.
The artist Philippe Shangti expresses his vision of the sins through different photographic works. He navigates between traditional representations, tributes to past artworks, and modern interpretations according to his own vision in order to denounce certain vices of the human being.

The woman once again takes a predominant place in his artistic work, in order to create glamorous, and sometimes erotic scenes.

Each sin is represented by a photographic artwork declined in a version “Ultimate”, in large panoramic format teeming with details. As well as a “solo” work, traditional format and staging of the artist, and finally with a Tag message, emblematic of Philippe Shangti’s art.

The artist plays, as usual, on the contrast between the message he wishes to convey and the situation he creates in his photographs.


With the "Luxury Lust Dinner" the artist skillfully delves into the seductive sin of lust through his iconic creation, the Luxury Dinner.

Luxury Lust Dinner

Ultimate Luxury Anger

Ultimate Luxury Envy

Ultimate Luxury Avarice

Ultimate Luxury Laziness

Ultimate Luxury Gluttony

Ultimate Luxury Lust

Ultimate Luxury Pride

No anger here

No Envy Here

No avarice here

No Laziness Here

No Gluttony Here

No Lust Here

No Pride Here

Goddess of Seven

If you piss me I explose your fucking things

Don’t forget to seduce me if you want sex

Don’t touch my Money and burn yours

I return all yours f**king bad thoughts

I like food and I don’t F**king care

I’m f**king lazy and I piss you off

If you don’t think I’m the boss get out