Beauté Sauvage


"Beauté Sauvage" concept

Aesthetics, elegance and femininity are more than ever the vectors of this collection. Taking up the fight for female emancipation, the artist sublimates women in each of her works.It is the growing pillar of its artistic framework. Philippe Shangti immerses us in the universe of the wild and natural woman. The one who dares to live in lightness and freedom; the one who dares to live in her own right and challenge men, in a delicate but incisive way.

In a contemporary fashion where women are still fighting to preserve their entity, to be recognized, Philippe Shangti offers them the power of sensuality and strength over all of the works in his collection. Thus, the determined, daring, conquering woman regains power in this declining world.


Sous le vent

Pussycat Gang Tuff

Café de Paris

Crazy Waitress


Four Seasons

Women in the rain

Jugement de Paris

Luxury Playboy Dinner

Luxury Playboy Dinner Black Edition

Don’t touch my cat

Andy Warhol Tuft

Fruits are good for health

F**k who doesn’t like my rules

Milk & Boobs

La Gendarmette

F**k who doesn’t like my baby

Read press

I’m bad

Beauté Sauvage Deluxe

No smoke here

La repasseuse

Nature mon amour

Explosed natural

Reserve protected of savage pussy

Woman give me your power