Luxury Dinners

Since 2015 (progressive collection)

"Luxury Dinners" concept

Philippe Shangti’s « Luxury Dinner » series is a captivating exploration of extravagance and contemporary aesthetics. These photographic artworks delve into the opulent world of luxury dining, blending high fashion with fine art. Shangti’s unique artistic vision challenges conventional boundaries, presenting a tableau that is both provocative and elegant. Each piece in the ‘Luxury Dinner’ collection invites viewers to a visual feast, where glamour and sophistication meet in a harmonious blend. This series not only showcases Shangti’s mastery of photography but also offers a fresh perspective on the intersections of luxury, art, and societal commentary.




Luxury Da Vinci Dinner

Luxury Shangti Nun Dinner

Luxury Beach Dinner

Luxury Star Wars Dinner

Luxury L’Opera Dinner

Luxury Sixth Dinner

Luxury Cowboy Dinner

With the "Luxury Lust Dinner" the artist skillfully delves into the seductive sin of lust through his iconic creation, the Luxury Dinner.

Luxury Lust Dinner

The artist Philippe Shangti invites us on the reinterpretation of the famed Luxury Dinner immersed in the opulent ambiance of Dubai

Luxury Dubai Dinner

Reimagining the codes of luxury with a touch of refinement, seduction, and glamour, Shangti merges his distinctive aesthetic with the prestigious Thanksgiving Dinner

Luxury Thanksgiving Dinner

In the realm of artistic mastery, Philippe Shangti unveils his latest realization "Luxury Christmas Dinner", a photography ignited by the spellbinding magic and enchantment of Christmas.

Luxury Christmas Dinner

Luxury Los Angeles Dinner 

Luxury Fruits Dinner

Luxury Fifth Dinner

Luxury Fourth Dinner

Sweet Luxury Dinner

Luxury Italian Dinner

Luxury Mountain Dinner

Luxury Happiness Dinner

Luxury Playboy Dinner

Luxury Playboy Dinner Black Edition

Happiness Music Dinner

Luxury Music Dinner

Luxury Vegan Dinner

Remember Luxury Dinner

Luxury Topless Dinner

Luxury dinner

Luxury overdose dinner