Sensual Fight


"Sensual Fight" concept

The artist Philippe Shangti’s new collection 2022 named “Sensual Fight”, deals with the duality between Man and Woman.

The fight for gender equality, represented in spectacular and glamorous settings, through which women show that they can impose themselves in “men’s worlds” and be at the level to win the battle.
The artist Philippe Shangti wishes to highlight in this collection the determination and courage of women, which make them the true warriors of our world.


The Ring is on Fire

Baseball Fighting

Rebel Cheerleaders

No War Just Love

The Power of Venus

Luxury Fourth Dinner

Sweet Luxury Dinner

Delirious Super Bowl

Touch me and I punch you

Luxury Golfer

Sensual Fight Deluxe

Lakers player

Harley Quinn 2 Faces

Never Give Up

Crush the balls who don’t respect me

F**k who wants me to give up