Cube Art Fair marks its 10th edition and returns to New York

Cube Art Fair marks its 10th edition and returns to New York as the main satellite fair during the highly anticipated Armory week.

Also known as the world’s largest public art fair, its transformative exhibitions on iconic buildings and hundreds of billboards in cities such as New York, Miami and Brussels have redefined the conventional norms of art exhibitions.

“Cube Art Fair is a platform that showcases artists’ creativity in bold and impactful ways,” says Grégoire Vogelsang, founder of Cube Art Fair.

Announced as an artist not to be missed in this open-air exhibition, Philippe Shangti will present his most iconic works on the giant screens of Times Squares. Philippe Shangti will also present pieces from his new SEVEN collection, which will take center stage in Times Square, alongside international artists such as Noir Artist, Robert Leone and Andreas Anastasis.

Once again, Philippe Shangti surprises us and shows up where we least expect him. In Times Squares, the beating heart of New York, but also the place to be for consumerism, he takes control of your screens to denounce the realities of society.
It’s a battle he’s been waging since the start of his career, denouncing society’s excesses, and now he’s tackling societal problems right at the heart of his origins.

Join us in New York’s Time Square to discover this innovative experience, and immerse yourself in Philippe Shangti’s visionary universe during Art Week, from September 6 to 10, 2023.