Sensual Fight exhibition at L’Opéra

Philippe Shangti’s latest collection « Sensual Fight », exhibited in the worldwide renowned place L’Opera Saint-Tropez all the summer.

Artist Philippe Shangti’s new collection, “Sensual Fight”, deals with the duality between men and women. By playing with the oxymoron of the words sensual and fight, the artist wishes to underline an asset specific to women, who unlike men, can be a warrior as fierce as sensual. The fight for gender equality, represented in spectacular and glamorous settings in a « Shangti way », show that women because of their courage and determination, can impose themselves in “men’s worlds” and be at the level to win the battle.
This collection includes several photographic works in panoramic or square format, each existing in 3 distinct dimensions.

A large majority of these new art pieces are currently exhibited in the world famous place L’Opéra Saint-Tropez, a unique place where fine dining are mixed with incredible live shows.
This atypical concept is the imagination of the artist Philippe Shangti, creator of this magical place, where the artist’s artworks are not only exhibited, but come to life through live performances, inspired each year by the new collection of photographic artworks.
Indeed, the live shows performed throughout the evening are all inspired by the artist’s works displayed on the walls. The Opera Saint-Tropez is therefore a real Restaurant-Museum where the works come to life to immerse visitors in the totally offbeat and unique universe of the artist Philippe Shangti.