The internationally renowned DJ David Guetta, joined the list of models shot by the artist photographer Philippe Shangti, creating a world of fantasy, luxury, music and above all a lot of art with his 2 artworks Luxury Music Dinner and Happiness Music Dinner, reflecting the personalities and worlds of both artists.

After the meeting, held in the city of Monaco, known for its luxurious casinos, a large bay lined with yachts and the prestigious Grand Prix race, the two artists were able to talk about their passions and saw similarities in their respective worlds, demonstrating that photography and music have the same goal of awakening the senses and creating emotion.
After weeks of preparation and design of the work’s storyboards, which were created entirely by the French photographer, it was decided that the photographic scenario of the work would feature the color red, with sensations of extravagance, glamour and sensuality, with feminine touches, music and lots of fun. Likewise, the work takes codes from the famous work of the photographer, Luxury Dinner, and adapts it to the musical universe of David Guetta. After 2 days spent in the studios of the artist photographer, David Guetta and Philippe Shangti gave birth to these 2 totally new artworks.

In addition to the classic version, a more festive and crazy version of this work has also been created, named Happiness Music Dinner, reflecting the joviality of the meeting between these two creative minds and the high notes and sensations perceived in the French DJ’s concerts.

The photographs are each one available in 3 different formats, with a limited edition of 7 copies in each format, 3 artist proofs and 6 unique pieces.

David guetta luxury music dinner