Erarta Museum

Philippe Shangti Erarta Museum : Flavour of sensuality

From March 26th 2021 to July 25th 2021

After entering the museums of France with his exhibition “The Futur is now” at the fine arts Museum of Carcassonne, the artist Philippe Shangti will exhibit from March 2021 to July 2021, at the prestigious Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, in the second largest city in Russia, and known as the city of the Tsars, Saint Petersburg.

This Museum, ranked among the 10 best museums in Russia in 2013, is a private museum with an extremely diverse collection of contemporary art. It is considered to be the most important institution of contemporary art in Russia.

The career of the artist Philippe Shangti does not stop passing stages and to be more and more recognized, as well on the art market as in the most prestigious artistic institutions.

More than thirty artworks of the artist Philippe Shangti will be sent to the largest country in the world. Indeed, Erarta Museum of St. Petersburg in Russia, will exhibit some of the artist’s most prestigious works from various past and present collections in all formats.

Pollution, drugs, prostitution, animal abuse,… All these themes denounced by Philippe Shangti will be exposed to the eyes of all, through the works of the artist, in a way that is both aesthetic and provocative, in order to raise awareness of certain dangers and vices of our society.