One day at Shangti Studio

The artist Philippe Shangti is proud to reveal the backstage of his workshops, where his teams work every day to assist him in the creation of his artworks.

Approximately 1000m2 of studios and 15 employees make up the headquarters of the artist Philippe Shangti.
Each part of the creative process is operated by specialists working with the artist in order to achieve an excellent quality of production.

After having realized the photo shoots for his collections, which can take months to prepare, the photographs are printed on glossy paper and laminated between plexiglass and Dibond. Thus, the photo paper is protected by the thin layer of 4mm plexiglass, and the aluminum hanging bracket frame (or wood for large format photographs) is installed on the back of the piece.

The process of the sculptures is also very complex and time consuming. From the 3D printing of the base of the sculptures, to the filling in of resin, sanding, filing, before working on the finishing touches (chroming, painting, and other finishes), the sculptures require weeks or even months for some of them, of manual work and precision before arriving at the final result.

The works are then packed and protected in wooden crates also produced by the studio to ensure the safety of the pieces during the transport of thousands of kilometers.

Thus, 100% of the process of creation of the artist’s works is carried out in his studios. This allows us to have total control over the quality of the assembly of the works, to secure the confidentiality of the works, all of which exist in limited editions, and to be able to respond to the growing demand in a totally independent manner.