Sweet Luxury Dinner – New collection

The artist revealed in spring 2022 his new collection “Sensual Fight”, among which is a particular work, the Sweet Luxury Dinner.

This photograph, reminiscent of Dior’s famous toile de Jouy, features in smouth colors the protagonists resembling porcelain dolls, consuming luxurious sweet treats.
The Sweet Luxury Dinner photograph existes in 3 formats, limited and numbered over 7 prints for each format.

Luxury Dinner
, an emblematic photograph. The Luxury Dinner artworks, are among the artist’s major photographs.

The Luxury Dinner, for the first time created for the collection called “Luxury Overdose”. The creative process of the artist was to represent a dinner party, where the protagonists exalt themselves at the sight of the luxurious products offered to them, consuming them madly in an extravagant and whimsical way.
This photograph makes a mockery of the human attraction to luxury, even becoming an addiction, staged here in its most extreme form.

Different versions of this work were created by the artist, bringing together the same codes: luxury, glamour and eroticism. The infatuation of art collectors for these works is so important, that each version is a best-seller art piece, and some are already re sold in auction for more than the market price. Most of them are today sold out.Luxury Dinner collaborationsSome world-renowned brands and celebrities wanted to collaborate with the artist Philippe Shangti by adapting his
famous Luxury Dinner to their universe.

Thus, the collaboration with Playboy in 2021 gave birth to the work Luxury Playboy Dinner, taking the elements of the original work and adapting them to the universe of Playboy.

The background created for this photograph is composed of different photos of the artist taken during his career, transformed into Playboy covers. The models staged in the manner of the artist become Playmates for the time of a photograph, and the luxury products normally composing the dinner are also adapted to the Playboy universe. In 2022, the world-famous DJ David Guetta, solicited the contemporary artist Philippe Shangti in order to realize 2 totally original artworks. The Luxury Music Dinner and Happiness Music Dinner, inspired by the famous Luxury Dinner of the artist photographer, by adapting them to the musical universe of David Guetta.

Luxury Dinner featured

Luxury Dinner (2015)