No topless here


"No topless here" concept

For nearly 30,000 years artists have continued to reveal breasts in all their forms and uses. Small, big, nurturing, exciting, breasts are present in art and mark us. Who does not remember Eugène Delacroix’s allegory of the topless Republic or Picasso’s nudity of Les Demoiselles d’Avignon?
The breast, attribute of femininity, inspired Philippe Shangti who signs this new series “No Topless Here”.

Through the themes that he has been able to address in recent years, the artist has always been able to highlight and sublimate women: the topless made in Philippe Shangti is a hymn to the emancipation of women and their strength of character. .
With this series, Philippe Shangti highlights a worrying social issue. By means of aesthetics, he wishes to challenge the public and participate with them in the future of a better world for the condition of women. So he manages to merge the past and the present, inviting in some of his staging works by Leonardo da Vinci or Pablo Picasso.


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Shangti Da Vinci Fusion Orgy

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F**k who thinks it is not clean

No topless here deluxe

Time is now

If you want to stay here make topless

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