First collection of NFTs


The artist Philippe Shangti has just unveiled this week his very first collection of NFT (non-fungible tokens) works.

These totally digital works are sold on specialized platforms for cryptocurrency, in particular Ethereum which is the main crypto to acquire NFTs.

Already an established artist in the contemporary art world (exhibited in more than fthirthy galleries, and several exhibitions in Fine Arts Museums), Philippe Shangti also wanted to put a foot in this “new world” by creating his first collection of NFTs works.

He was inspired by his first collection of real photographic artworks, the “Art Vs Drugs” collection, created at the beginning of his career, which allowed him to achieve international renown in the contemporary art world.
This collection of photographs, featuring superheroes and pop culture characters denouncing drug use, was the starting point for the creation of this collection of 199 NFTs.

These are presented in the form of trading cards in editions of 7 copies, each sold for a price starting at 1,7eth (about 2.200€).


Only one of these NFTs was sold as a unique piece numbered 1/1. Indeed, the artist Philippe Shangti created a unique NFT, inspired by his very first work “No Cocaine Here », now completely sold out in the real world.

This NFT was sold on Thursday June 16th for 230eth (256.000$), a personal record for the artist!

Artist and creator of real works above all, Philippe Shangti also proposes in addition to these NFT cards, the possibility of acquiring a luxurious object, a real card.
This real physical card is a kind of reward for the collector who has acquired the 7 cards of the same character (for example the purchaser of the 7 Batman Vs Drugs cards will receive this same card in physical format 20 x 15cm).

The purchaser of the NFT No Cocaine Here which was sold at auction for 230 Eth will also receive this same card in physical version.