Philippe Shangti Dazzles Vienna with His Solo Show at Hartinger Gallery

The prestigious Hartinger Gallery in Vienna transformed into a veritable hub of contemporary art on October 24, 2023, hosting the much-anticipated Solo Show of visionary artist Philippe Shangti. The exhibition, titled « Fuck Who Doesn’t Like My HeArt » highlighted Shangti’s unique artistic approach, known for bold works that challenge conventions and provoke thought. Featuring a collection of 25 works, the exhibition offered a comprehensive panorama of his talent, covering pieces from his last collection of photographs 2023 named « SEVEN ».

The Hartinger Gallery, an iconic venue in the contemporary art world, provided the perfect setting for this exhibition. Its vast spaces were meticulously arranged to showcase each work, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in Shangti’s universe. The gallery’s elegant architecture, combined with its rich history, added an additional layer of depth to the experience.

The displayed works varied in mediums and styles, ranging from large-format photographs to complex installations. Each reflected Shangti’s recurring themes: social critique, beauty in subversion, and a bold play with symbols and vivid colors. His pieces were praised for their ability to push viewers to reexamine their perspectives on contemporary social and cultural issues.

The reception of the exhibition was extremely positive, with laudatory reviews from both art connoisseurs and newcomers to the art world. Visitors were particularly impressed by how Shangti uses art as a powerful and provocative means of communication.

Philippe Shangti’s solo show at the Hartinger Gallery will undoubtedly be a landmark event in the 2023 artistic calendar, once again highlighting Vienna’s position as one of the contemporary art capitals of Europe.