Once again, the international contemporary art fair, Lausanne Art Fair, was a success on all levels. The spirit of this Lausanne international contemporary art fair, in existence since 2017, is to offer the public an artistic experience in all its forms. This concept is also present in Zürich, Paris, Barcelona, Monaco and Brussels, among others. Nearly 20,000 visitors were welcomed to this fine venue for contemporary art in Lausanne.

From September 28 to October 1, 2023, Beaulieu hosted the sixth edition of the Lausanne Art Fair. Over 90 carefully selected galleries took part in this exceptional event, including Prestaart, with which Philippe Shangti was represented. 

For this sixth edition, the artistic line-up was extremely rich and representative of the major trends in contemporary expression. You could travel to the heart of expressionism, art brut, abstraction, graffiti, kinetic art, post-graffiti, minimalism, naive art, pop art, new realism, free expression and many others. The Lausanne Art Fair is a time for sharing and discovery. 

Philippe Shangti was on hand to present his latest collection, SEVEN, and to the delight of collectors and visitors alike, he organized a signing session. A real moment of sharing on the common subject, art in all its forms. 

From gluttony to anger, Philippe Shangti’s new collection explores your darkest desires and expresses them in color. A chance to ask visitors questions about deeper issues.