The Visionary Radiance of Philippe Shangti: An Explosion of Colour and Emotion at the Andaz Hotel, Los Angeles

Immerse yourself in the provocative artistic expression of Philippe Shangti in a captivating exhibition at the iconic Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles in September 2023. 

With more than 20 works of art on display, the artist pushes the boundaries of perception and invites the public on an unprecedented sensory journey, notably through his new 2023 collection « Seven » in which he tackles the 7 deadly sins.

The “Seven” collection explores cardinal sins, delving into the darkest recesses of the human soul while leaving room for hope and transformation.

From lust to gluttony, anger to envy, each artworks is a window onto raw emotion, expressed with Philippe Shangti’s bold visual signature. 

The exhibition at Hôtel Andaz offers total immersion in this exploration of sins and virtues, where each work tells a profound and captivating story.

In addition, don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to preview a new piece of work entitled “Luxury Los Angeles Dinner”. This new work will be unveiled for the very first time at this exhibition, adding an even more striking dimension to the overall experience of the event.

With a captivating colour palette and meticulous detail, Philippe Shangti takes us into a visually sumptuous and enigmatic scene. The work captures the essence of Los Angeles, a vibrant city where dreams come true and extravagance is elevated to the level of art.

Join us at the Hotel Andaz in Los Angeles to immerse yourself in the visionary world of Philippe Shangti.

The exhibition will last until the end of September, and is open to all those who seek art that questions, inspires and uplifts the spirit.