Charity collaboration with Resonantes association

Art can save lives!

Among the new collection “Sensual Fight” of the artist Philippe Shangti, 2 artworks have been created for charity.

The artist has committed to donate 10% of the profits from the sales to the association Resonantes, creator of the App_elles application, in order to raise funds to continue and improve the fight against violence against women as well as prevention among young people.

These works, denouncing violence against women and highlighting the struggle of women in the face of inequality, are sold in 3 formats in a limited edition of 7 copies.

The work Harley Quinn 2 Faces, realized with the model Nathanya Sonia, shows the contrast between the glamorous aspect of the woman, and that of the warrior who is determined to fight for her right to be respected.

The work Touch Me And I Punch You, realized with the committed influencer Alix Desmoineaux, puts forward the virile side of the woman, who although having her lipstick and her jewels, she is nevertheless a fighter ready to put on her fighting gear to defeat those who mistreat her.

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