As he does every year, renowned artist Philippe Shangti exhibited his artistic creations at L’Opera Saint-Tropez, where he himself is the creator, and transported us into his world.

In 2023, Philippe Shangti presented his new photography collection, named SEVEN, in reference to the 7 deadly sins. The aim of this collection is to highlight the vices of these sins that we all carry, as perceived by the artist. 

7 deadly sins, 7 works and above all 7 shows!  

Gluttony, anger, lust, pride, envy, laziness, avarice… These are the 7 themes that have invaded Saint-Tropez throughout the season. Once again, Philippe Shangti has created a Live Show featuring dancers, singers and acrobats, inspired by these photographic works, in the most famous restaurant on the Côte d’Azur, with 7 shows, each as spectacular as the next.

So it was at the Opéra Saint-Tropez restaurant that you had the opportunity to immerse yourself in his atypical universe.

As artistic director of the restaurant, Philippe’s delirious imagination was once again expressed on the harbor of this small Var village. A season rich in spectacle and glitter. 

The Tropez season is officially over. See you next year for a new season that promises to be just as incredible.