Revolutionizing Visual Art with a new series of works, “No Censure Here,” utilizing the new technology of Augmented Reality (AR).

The world of contemporary art is on the brink of experiencing a spectacular revolution with internationally renowned photographer and artist, Philippe Shangti. Famous for his unparalleled creative vision, Shangti announces a series of works titled “No Censure Here” that redefines the standards of artistic expression by using augmented reality to unveil a hidden world behind seemingly “soft” photographs.

Revolutionizing Visual Art with a new series of works, "No Censure Here," utilizing the new technology of Augmented Reality (AR).

A Hidden World to Unveil

“My photographs may appear innocent at first glance, but they are gateways to a parallel universe,” explains the artist. Through an augmented reality process and a phone application specially designed for this purpose, viewers will be able to access an uncensored video for each photograph, revealing invisible secrets within the original image. This new series of works explores the contrast between the ‘soft’ appearance of the publicly displayed photographs and the more ‘edgy’ version unveiled through augmented reality.

An Answer to Censorship

The title ‘No Censure Here’ takes on its full meaning in Philippe Shangti’s artistic context. The artist has often faced censorship due to the provocative nature of his works. This groundbreaking series uses augmented reality to bypass censorship, providing an unrestricted artistic experience.

Art as You’ve Never Seen It

The ‘No Censure Here’ series promises to reveal art from a completely fresh perspective. The use of augmented reality opens a door to hidden worlds and explores the contrast between the surface and depth, innocence and provocation. Anyone can view the video as long as they are in front of the artwork displayed on the wall, provided they have the application. By owning a piece from this collection, collectors will have the opportunity to access the video version unlimitedly, unveiling an additional dimension of Philippe Shangti’s work.

The Pioneer Artist of the ‘Soft’ and ‘Trash’ Version

Philippe Shangti is recognized as one of the pioneers in the use of ‘soft’ and ‘trash’ versions of his iconic works. Notable examples include his iconic piece ‘Luxury Dinner,’ available in both nude and dressed versions. With his new series ‘No Censure Here,’ Shangti pushes the boundaries of this concept by using augmented reality to offer a unique artistic experience. He revolutionizes his own concept by taking the exploration of the contrast between apparent innocence and artistic provocation to its extreme, providing the public with an exceptional opportunity to discover art from a completely revolutionary perspective.

Stay Tuned

Philippe Shangti’s ‘No Censure Here’ series will soon be unveiled to the public. Stay tuned for more information about the release date and ways to experience this extraordinary artistic journey.